Lalizas - Immersion Suit 'Neptune' SOLAS, Universal Size, Insulated - with neoprene gloves - 70454

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  • LALIZAS Immersion Suit 'Neptune' Model 70454 - SOLAS-Approved Safety Gear for Marine Emergencies
  • Lalizas - Immersion Suit 'Neptune' SOLAS, Universal Size, Insulated - with neoprene gloves - 70454
  • Lalizas - Immersion Suit 'Neptune' SOLAS, Universal Size, Insulated - with neoprene gloves - 70454
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Maximize Your Safety at Sea with the LALIZAS Immersion Suit 'Neptune' - SOLAS Approved and Universally Sized

Discover unparalleled safety at sea with the LALIZAS Immersion Suit 'Neptune', a SOLAS-approved, universally sized life-saving marvel designed for extreme marine conditions.

This premium quality immersion suit is expertly crafted to ensure rapid deployment in emergencies, allowing for donning in less than two minutes. Featuring 78.74 inches of SOLAS retro-reflective tape, it dramatically enhances visibility in rescue operations. The suit’s comprehensive design covers the entire body except for the face and includes durable neoprene gloves, ensuring your hands remain protected and warm.

Designed to fit a broad range of users, from 5.24ft to 6.23ft in height and 121.25 lbs to 209.44 lbs in weight, it promises a secure and comfortable fit for most adults. Its advanced neoprene material not only provides exceptional thermal insulation but also offers resistance against diesel oil, flames, and the harsh marine environment, adhering to the rigorous standards set by MSC/Circ 980.

The suit features a buddy line with a special pocket case for added security and an extra-safe zipper to prevent water ingress, making it an indispensable safety tool for any marine adventure. Whether facing the chill of the open sea or the threat of an emergency, the LALIZAS Immersion Suit 'Neptune' stands ready to offer unmatched protection and peace of mind.

Unparalleled Safety Features:

  • Quick Donning for Emergency Readiness: Designed for rapid deployment, this immersion suit can be unpacked and fully secured in under two minutes, making it essential for emergency preparedness.
  • SOLAS Compliant Visibility: Equipped with 78.74 inches of high-intensity SOLAS retro-reflective tape, ensuring you are highly visible in the most challenging conditions.
  • Full-Body Protection with Neoprene Gloves: Covers your entire body except for the face, and includes integrated neoprene gloves to keep your hands warm and protected in cold waters.
  • Universal Fit for Broad Accessibility: Accommodates users with heights ranging from 5.24ft to 6.23ft and weights from 121.25 lbs to 209.44 lbs, ensuring a snug and secure fit for a wide demographic.
  • Advanced Durability and Resistance: Crafted from top-quality neoprene, offering thermal insulation, resistance to diesel oil, flames, and rigorous MSC/Circ 980 tests for reliability and durability.
  • Enhanced Features for Increased Safety: Comes with a buddy line and special pocket case for added security, alongside an extra-safe zipper to prevent water ingress.


  • Material: Premium Neoprene
  • Gloves: High-Quality Neoprene or Rubber Options
  • Reflective Tape: Original SOLAS 70180 for Maximum Visibility
  • Suit Size: Universal Fit (Height: 5.24ft - 6.23ft, Weight: 121.25 lbs - 209.44 lbs)
  • Other Size Options: Click Here
  • Temperature Tolerance: Stowage from -22°F to 132.8°F
  • Additional: Buddy line with pocket, Extra safe zipper for enhanced protection
  • Compliance: Meets all MSC/Circ 980 standards for safety and performance

Why Choose Ocean Supply for Your Marine, RV, and Safety Products?

Ocean Supply stands at the forefront of marine safety, offering an unparalleled selection of high-quality, reliable, and SOLAS-compliant products like the LALIZAS Immersion Suit 'Neptune'. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product we offer, from immersion suits to lifejackets and beyond, meets rigorous safety standards and is designed with the end-user in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is a lifejacket required with this immersion suit? Yes, for optimal safety, it should be worn in conjunction with an approved lifejacket.
  2. How does the suit ensure quick donning? It is designed for efficiency, allowing for quick unpacking, donning, and securing, crucial for emergency situations.
  3. Can this suit be used in any marine environment? Absolutely, its design and materials provide protection in various marine environments, including extreme conditions.
  4. What makes this suit highly visible? It's fitted with SOLAS-approved retro-reflective tape, ensuring high visibility for rescue operations.
  5. Is the suit one size fits all? Yes, it's designed with a universal fit to accommodate a wide range of sizes and builds, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.


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